The Way Of Saint James

April 19, 2018 Day 14 on The Camino The Way of St. James, or El Camino de Santiago, is an ancient Catholic pilgrimage. In centuries past, folks would head out from their European homes and just start walking to Santiago de Compostela where the bones of apostle St. James are purported to be buried. Sometimes... Continue Reading →


Sunshine On My Shoulders Make Me Happy

April 16, 2018 Day 11 on The CaminoThis morning we left at 7 AM so that we could incorporate time into our schedule to stop and have a bite to eat.  Me, I made a sandwich out of grocery supplies that I still had on hand...  Making our way out of Lugo this morning was... Continue Reading →

We Got Really, Really High Today!

April 11, 2018 Day 6 on The Camino This is the message I sent to my family:  “Made it to Berdeucedo - pretty tough day! We had rain, many HUGE hills, as well as horrendous downhills, snow, and well, it was just a tough day! We fricken climbed a mountain!!! No Internet at our albergue,... Continue Reading →

Strolling Seville 

Well, I did my usual - I set out early with destinations in mind, got lost - and then found, as landmarks came together and my surroundings began to make sense and fall in to place...!! I still have one more day here in Seville, so as is par for the course, I will totally... Continue Reading →


Day 30 The historic quarter in Córdoba is a World Heritage Site. In the 10th century this city had 1,000 mosques, 800 Arab baths, and an advanced street lighting system! And you can't miss the Great Mosque on its landscape. As in the other places I have visited, the history is palpable walking by and... Continue Reading →

Am I There Yet?!?!

Day 29 Today as I headed to Cordoba (my home for the next two nights), I caught a train to Madrid, took a subway train to another station across the city and on to another train bound for Seville. To be humbly honest, I was pretty nervous about it all, because as I've said, my... Continue Reading →

Last night in Zamora

Today we checked into our albergue and tomorrow we set out! Here is my bed & view: Did I mention that there are stork nests EVERYWHERE??!? (Not sure how the WiFi will be so future posts may be sporadic...)  

Day 6 – Palm Sunday

It has been very enjoyable wandering around the center of Zamora - so many ancient buildings!  This was a walled city with a castle centuries ago and some of that enclosure still remains.  In fact, we look at a bit of the wall outside our Airbnb.  We could also see last night's Palm Sunday Procession... Continue Reading →

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