Am I There Yet?!?!

Day 29 Today as I headed to Cordoba (my home for the next two nights), I caught a train to Madrid, took a subway train to another station across the city and on to another train bound for Seville. To be humbly honest, I was pretty nervous about it all, because as I've said, my... Continue Reading →


It’s Day 5!!

Today was a busy day - leaving Madrid in the morning by 3 hour bus ride to Zamora to meet "the gang"!  Our Airbnb is Amazing and  we have part of the original wall structure which surrounded this city centuries ago right outside our kitchen door!!  Gotta get to bed, so the rest of today's... Continue Reading →

Day 4, Part 2

"A Walk West from Sol" took me through some of Madrid's oldest streets and squares, taking in the grandeur of the Palacio Real Palace (which I could not capture in a photo), the lovely Sabatini and Rosaleda Rose gardens, Plaza Mayor (again), Plaza Conde de Barajas, Plaza de la Villa, Plaza de Ramales, Plaza de... Continue Reading →

Meandering Madrid

I really thought that I would get to the fabulous museums that are here...  In fact, I kinda got up on my high horse with my hubby as to how much I looked forward to flying solo, increasing the possibilities that I would actually be able to accomplish this!  Today was my last full day... Continue Reading →

Madrid Skies

And here are the rest of the shots I got today - when the sun was a blinding me (I think I may have already made that point...)! L

Puerta del Sol

"Gateway of the Sun" .  My Madrid casa is located in this district and "has been the heart of the city since the 15th century" (Fodor's guide book).  Madrid is the capital of Spain and there are commemorative statues everywhere,  including high atop buildings which alas, is not the best camera angle for this amateur... Continue Reading →

Day 2

Well, it's Wednesday anyway, and since I left on Tuesday I guess that makes it "day 2" - but I haven't yet gone to sleep since arising at 6:30 a.m. uh, yesterday...  My brain (in Spain!) is crying for rest!!!   I did get to see the sun come up though! And after all of... Continue Reading →

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