Sunshine On My Shoulders Make Me Happy

April 16, 2018 Day 11 on The CaminoThis morning we left at 7 AM so that we could incorporate time into our schedule to stop and have a bite to eat.  Me, I made a sandwich out of grocery supplies that I still had on hand...  Making our way out of Lugo this morning was... Continue Reading →


Strolling Seville 

Well, I did my usual - I set out early with destinations in mind, got lost - and then found, as landmarks came together and my surroundings began to make sense and fall in to place...!! I still have one more day here in Seville, so as is par for the course, I will totally... Continue Reading →

Am I There Yet?!?!

Day 29 Today as I headed to Cordoba (my home for the next two nights), I caught a train to Madrid, took a subway train to another station across the city and on to another train bound for Seville. To be humbly honest, I was pretty nervous about it all, because as I've said, my... Continue Reading →

Madrid Skies

And here are the rest of the shots I got today - when the sun was a blinding me (I think I may have already made that point...)! L

Day 2

Well, it's Wednesday anyway, and since I left on Tuesday I guess that makes it "day 2" - but I haven't yet gone to sleep since arising at 6:30 a.m. uh, yesterday...  My brain (in Spain!) is crying for rest!!!   I did get to see the sun come up though! And after all of... Continue Reading →

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