Back in the Pacific Northwest

Well, I have been home on American soil a week now.  I think I'm back in the relevant time zone and generally have my healthy sleeping pattern back.  However, as you can imagine, I am still processing my emotions, evaluating what I learned, determining how I have been changed and sorting through my memories.  I... Continue Reading →


Passing Along Some Interesting Facts

I copied this entirely from another blogger as posted in a Camino newsletter I subscribe to... History of the Apostle Saint James the Greater Quick facts about Saint James the Apostle: The patron of Pilgrims and Spain Memorial Day / Feast Day: July 25th Named by Jesus as one of the Sons of Thunder Date... Continue Reading →

“Come on Home Mama”

(An encouraging invitation from my son!) May 11thI have so enjoyed my adventure!!! The weather has been amazing, I have challenged my endurance on several levels and I've created memories to last a lifetime! Home is on my agenda today!!! Well, at least based on the calendar date where I end up, as when it's... Continue Reading →

Barcelona Beach Day

May 10th Today, 100% my plan was to go to the beach! I gathered all my belongings, Including goodies I had bought at the market the day before, and set out to go there. I took a circuitous route, because it was cloudy, and there were a couple of areas that I wanted to hit... Continue Reading →

Surrounded by History

May 9th Today I dedicated myself to a leisurely walk as prescribed by Rick Steves, outside of the typical tourist area of Barcelona, and into the very upscale residential neighborhood of Eixample. I wish I had a fit bit, because I know I walked probably at least 15 miles! My feet were as sore at... Continue Reading →

Rambling Las Rambles

May 8th Today I enjoyed a slow pace and followed two Rick Steves' walks. One was along Las Rambles and I backtracked a bit having done half of it randomly yesterday afternoon to the waterfront. So I enjoyed the other direction to Plaça de Catalunya (and now I know where to pick up a bus... Continue Reading →


Maybe I'm just feeling a little tired… Got up at 5:00, left my Seville hotel at 6:00 and walked to the bus station, was the only one on the bus to the airport because I wanted to get there early enough to get my boarding pass and I didn't know what to expect, waited two... Continue Reading →

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