Part one of my answer to the question, “Why?” I guess it's not always clear (but may become clear eventually...?)So, several of my friends have asked me what it was I was looking for on “The Camino" - what was my personal quest - why in the heck did I feel compelled to go to... Continue Reading →

Turning The Corner

So Hallelujah! I turned the corner and I am no longer in what seemed to be an unreasonable, post adventure funk!!! Here is a comment posted on my blog: “Who would think that after an epic life journey, sadness would follow, but it also makes sense! How did you turn the corner?”Well, I am sure... Continue Reading →

The Post Camino Blues

As a disclaimer, I am no longer in a funk.  I still have the Post Camino Blues, however I have (thankfully) turned the corner from my sour and dragging disposition.  I felt compelled to go ahead and post this anyway, something I wrote about a week ago...For starters, I got a cold - and, it... Continue Reading →

The Evolving Shape of Faith

Definition of "Camino": Camino, translated from Spanish has a number of meanings in English. The main meaning is as a track, path or road. It also can mean a literal way, route or journey. Figuratively it means path or course.El Camino, Camino de Santiago and The Way all refer to specific paths that are the... Continue Reading →

Back in the Pacific Northwest

Well, I have been home on American soil a week now.  I think I'm back in the relevant time zone and generally have my healthy sleeping pattern back.  However, as you can imagine, I am still processing my emotions, evaluating what I learned, determining how I have been changed and sorting through my memories.  I... Continue Reading →

Passing Along Some Interesting Facts

I copied this entirely from another blogger as posted in a Camino newsletter I subscribe to... History of the Apostle Saint James the Greater Quick facts about Saint James the Apostle: The patron of Pilgrims and Spain Memorial Day / Feast Day: July 25th Named by Jesus as one of the Sons of Thunder Date... Continue Reading →

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