Wherever You Go, There You Are

Day 22/Day 15
Today we walked into Santiago de Compostela!!! We anticipated a 4 hours walk and set out at 5:45 am. By daylight it was evident that we would have our first overcast day. The weather has been most amazing and unexpectedly dry, especially for spring. It was very enjoyable walking two hours before daybreak and then under clouds SINCE IT WAS ALL UPHILL!!!

We stopped a couple of times to get our required passport stamps and got into Santiago de Compostela at 10:30 to meet the other Wayfinding Academy group of 7 who did the Portuguese route. Hugs were exchanged and we got in line to get our official “Compostela”. IMG_7111.JPGWe left and met early hoping to go to the noon Pilgrims’ Mass at St James Cathedral, however there was considerable confusion and misinformation as to where we could store our backpacks, so we ended up checking into our wonderful lodging house, Roots and Boots. The grounds are gorgeous and it’s in a great location in town. Some of our group are making dinner and then we will head to the 7:30 mass. We will celebrate with vino before our Pleasant Dreams of completion – at least of the physical accomplishment- of this part – of THIS Camino.IMG_7114.JPG


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  1. So glad to receive your many days of “batched” posts & know that you are well. Your photos & narrative have provided a vivid & informative virtual excursion for all of us at home. Enjoy your break from walking & explore the rest of your visit in leisure. 🌏😎

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  2. Thanks – I tdoes feel like a wonderful accomplishment! And honestly, it really WAS extremely difficult at times on several levels.! I didn’t have the internet for a long time there, so I wondered if anyone might have thought I ‘d fall enoff a cliff…! I am happy to hear that my ramblings were enjoyed!!!


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