Enjoying Salamanca

Salamanca is a beautiful city with ancient buildings and a fascinating history. It was established as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. Many powers have held the helm over the centuries and their influence abounds. The Playa Mayor is said to be one of the most beautiful in Spain and was under construction (in... Continue Reading →


Day 26 – Seeing Spain as a Tourist, Part Two

Today was bittersweet. I woke up alone - well, not really - I still had 5 other people in my room, and I still had to tiptoe out with my backpack and get ready in the dark - but all of my mates from the past two weeks plus have moved on. I made my... Continue Reading →

I am But Dust in the Wlnd

Day 24 - Today was weird - I woke up to find that Mary Beth, the last of my tribe of eight (other than Mitzi and Ryan who I've been hanging with) - a vibrant young woman who I enjoyed talking with many times along "The Way", had moved on and I did not get... Continue Reading →

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Day 22/Day 15 Today we walked into Santiago de Compostela!!! We anticipated a 4 hours walk and set out at 5:45 am. By daylight it was evident that we would have our first overcast day. The weather has been most amazing and unexpectedly dry, especially for spring. It was very enjoyable walking two hours before... Continue Reading →

Get up and Do It Again!

LAST FULL DAY OF WALKING!!!! Fourteen days doesn't seem like very much but the days blur together and some of the events of early on seem forever ago. We started again in the dark of 6:45 and immediately (well, after we passed within a foot of several sleeping cows) set foot down a muddy &... Continue Reading →

We Are Family!

Day 20, Day 13 on the Camino On to Silleda, 28 km, 17.4 miles. Out the door with headlamps on at 6:45 after a scrambled egg breakfast. There was a forest fire somewhere and the strong smell was a little strangling at first - until the smell of cow patties took over!!! The morning was... Continue Reading →

The Magic Part

Day 19, Day 12 on The Camino "You are now entering the magic part, the final 100km...... 'The last section of the Via de la Plata Camino route is probably the most beautiful of all the ‘last 100km’ to Santiago de Compostela; and will also please those looking for a Camino that is off the... Continue Reading →

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