I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Map!!!

April 24, 2018 Today I was still a bit apprehensive about how big this city is and how ill-prepared I was to try to explore it, but once I set out, my mood and attitude changed. I got lost several times on my way to meet the tour group I had arranged to join, but... Continue Reading →


Lisboa, Portugal

April 23, 2018 Here I am again, mega “responsible” cautious and anxious firstborn, sitting at the A Coruña airport having already had coffee and catching up on some email, still a half hour to go before my check in line opens and just over two hours before my flight leaves... But at least I am... Continue Reading →

A Coruña, Spain – Additional Details

The following is a summary from information derived from Wikipedia. Located in in the province of Galicia, Spain, A Coruña is the 17th most populated city in Spain. It is the political province of the same name having also served as the capital of the “Kingdom Galicia” from the 16th to 19th centuries and as... Continue Reading →

What – ME, Brave?

April 22, 2018 This morning I said “good bye” to my Camino buddies and to Santiago de Compostela. Two of our group actually had to leave last night so those farewells were said earlier. Now I am on to the solo phase of my trip. Michelle was kind enough to walk me to the train... Continue Reading →


April 21, 2018 it seemed strange to hear a rooster in the city environment that we are in, yet we had a loud one outside our bedroom window early, early this morning. Between that and the lovely song birds, it was a superb way to wake up and know that my entire day was free... Continue Reading →

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

April 20, 2018 Today was our final day of the Camino - 13 miles into Santiago de Compostela on a very sunny, gorgeous, toasty warm day!! The birds were singing as we began our last day’s journey (and throughout the day actually!!)! We still encountered mud and way too many “tourist” pilgrims without backpacks -... Continue Reading →

The Way Of Saint James

April 19, 2018 Day 14 on The Camino The Way of St. James, or El Camino de Santiago, is an ancient Catholic pilgrimage. In centuries past, folks would head out from their European homes and just start walking to Santiago de Compostela where the bones of apostle St. James are purported to be buried. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Surrounded By A Roman Wall!!

April 15, 2018 Day 10 on The Camino It was a wonderful day to start - no rain or fog! And even a bit of blue sky and sunshine!  Last week we discovered that there were few open bars or grocery stores on Sunday so we wanted to be prepared this week, thus our grocery... Continue Reading →

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